Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Know The Acai Berry Power - For Weight Loss

It has been a long haul for Acai berry fruit from Amazon to a 'super weight loss supplement' entitled by known doctors and mass celeb. Many men and women from the world over have used to their satisfaction. Now a days it is advertised as the 'best weight loss supplement' available in the market.

What is it that makes it a 'super weight loss supplement'? What is the secret behind Acai berry for acting as a weight loss supplement?

This article will hopefully try to introduce the benefits associated with it. Acai berry is not new to the western world, rather the western world is new to Acai berry, though it has been known to Amazon people for centuries.
Still more research is in progress on Acai berry.

Acai Berry is rich in fiber. Fiber doesn't get absorbed by our body thus precluding the hunger.

It helps our digestive system get rid off harmful toxic and useless cholesterol that have been deposited in our body over years. When this issue is resolved our digestive system becomes more efficient in ingesting minerals you take.

Increased Energy Levels : In the olden days native Amazons used Acai berry for fetching more energy and attaining alertness. Acai is known to boost metabolism rate which is significant for healthy weight loss.

Rich In Antioxidant : Anthocynanins and phytonutrients is what forms Acai berry. Anthocynanins and phytonutrients are 10-20 more in number than compared to grapes and red wine. Antioxidant fight against free radicals which have been known to cause various diseases.

Acai berry strengthens cardiovascular system which is required for well-being.

Acai berry is a fruit that has got all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. That makes it special. With the advancement in science now it is possible to extract the benefits of acai berry and distribute it all over the world by converting it in to pills.